Thermal power plant projects up to 300 MW capacity

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  • ASSE Tech Group along with capable international consortium in energy field have capability to host main EPCC for latest energy efficient thermal power plants of Coal, Natural Gas, Oil & Biomass fuels.
  • In ASSE Group of Companies, Engineering design, co-ordination, installation and startup are handled directly by ourselves. Every order, no matter how small or large is treated individually.
  • ASSE’s EPCC Supply:powder plants:
    1. Boiler / steam generation
    2. Steam turbine.
    3. Oil plant for lubrication.
    4. Cooling system
    5. Mechanical Balance of Plant
      • Diesel Oil Plant
      • Coal Fuel Plant
      • Feed Water System + High Pressure Pumps
      • Steam System
      • Cooling Water System
      • Central Chemicals Supply
      • Condensing Plant
      • Water Treatment System
      • D.M Unit
      • Waste Water Treatment System
      • Coal, Limestone and Ash Handling Plant.
    6. Transmission Lines and High Voltage Substation
    7. Generator Power Block.
    8. Electrical Power System.
      • Generator Transformer and Auxiliaries Transformer.
      • High Voltage Power Distribution.
      • Medium Voltage Power Distribution.
      • Low Voltage Power Distribution.
      • Station DC System
      • Grounding and Lightening Protection System.
      • Cathodic Protection System.
      • Control & Instrumentation Centre.
      • Insulated Phase Bus Duct System.
    9. ELV & Security System.
    10. Operation & Maintenance Programme.
    11. Training Programme.
    12. Plant Handover.
    13. Service package Contract for 1st Year of Operation.