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Metal/Product Finishing System

Special Surface Effect Coating Systems, Wood Finishes, PVC / PET Film Laminations

Special Surface Effect Coating Systems, Wood Finishes, PVC / PET Film Laminations. PCM Production Lines, MDF Wood Panel Coating Lines High gloss PVC / PET film lamination plants for steel, Aluminium & Stainless steel panels. MDF wood powder coating lines. Precoated metal (PCM) Production lines. Coil to coil coating /lamination lines. Cold Press Laminating – Wood Panels PVC / PET Film Lamination Protection Film Lamination Paint roll Coating for PCM

Vertical and Horizontal Electrostatic Powder

Horizontal coating line Vertical Line pretreatment

Complete Electro Deposition coating lines

  ASSE’s latest cathodic & Anodic electro coating system. High quality & efficient components are used in the system. Latest designs incorporating automations gives consistent quality assurance.                        

Plastic component paint lines

ASSE Tech Group provide full range of plants for: Full range of plastic parts paint lines. Latest chemical treatment deionisation cleaning equipment is incorporated in the line. Fully auto / manual paint options are vailable. Paint System View Painting in Progress Conveyorised Paint System Robotic Painting System Loading station for plastic component

Carbody and Automotive component painting systems

Automatic Car body paint System ASSE Tech Group supply: Modern Automotive paint shops. Customise design medium & large production lines. Auto Component painting line Paint Booth Cum Dry Chambers for automotive re-painting in service stations. Car body movement in ED Paint Bath Chemical Treatment of car bodies Latest EMS Conveyor System

Non- Stick Teflon coating lines for Cookwares

ASSE Tech Group provide full range of plants for: Aluminium Non- stick cook wares. Stainless steel. Pressure cooker Inner parts. Cake making moulds / Cones. Turnkey system supply with process. Customer training is provided. Teflon Coating System

Conveyorised Automated Electrostatic Powder

Alloy wheel coating plant Following actual plant reference photos illustrate ASSE Tech Group’s vast track records and for all types: Metal Finishing Plants & Equipment Fully range of finishing plants. Small, Medium & Large Production capacity customised designs. Economical, Reliable modern features. Service back with guarantee of supply for spares for atleast 15 years. Steel Furniture’s line Power & Free Conveyorised Curing Oven Interior Centralised Control for coating System Auto Drum Painting TOTAL PLANT SUPPLY Audio Speaker Coating line Refrigerator Coating Plant Refrigerator & Washing Machines Coating line Alloy wheel coating plant

Full Range of shot blast cleaning systems

Conveyorised blast lines We provide total blast cleaning systems for: Castings. Large structure of oil & gas industries. High quantity finishes upto SA3 Special wet & Dry blast cleaning machines. Special hanger blasting Machine Large steel structure Shot blasting lines Shot recovery & recycling Mega blasting rooms Horizontal auto blast & paint line

Architectural Aluminium powder / PVDF coating systems

3Coat PVDF Paint Coats system ASSE Tech’s full range of specialised system for aluminium profiles. Fully auto / semi eletrostatic powder coating plants. Modern line with assured quality for Architectural Aluminium products. Auto powder coating booth Power & Free conveyorised factory line Chemical Pretreatment System Auto PVDF (Kynar Paint Coating Systems