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Turnkey Projects

Waste Tyre Rubber Recycling Projects

Waste Recycling is very important aspect in minimising environmental pollution’s for entire humanity. ASSE Tech Group in collaboration with specialist associates has been engaged in several technology development as part of our business expansion strategy. Waste tyre recycling plant gives big benefit to the investor as very attractive product range can be produced from rubber granules specially produced from descarded / disposed waste tyre of all types which are available in abundance all over. This is also recommend project by UN for its serious implementations to avoid pollution and environmental impact of such type disposals in sea and land fills. Call us for consultation of your project investment requirements. Our clients will be given total project know how & Turnkey equipment supply.

Railway / Buses / Aircraft maintainance hangers

ASSE Tech Group specialised Modern Maintenance Hanger Equipment Supply: Large size Hanger Doors. Specially Engineered Hanger Cranes. Parts Warehouse. Part Washing Machines. Specialised Wet and Dry Blast Cleaning Machines. Painting Booths Aircraft hangers stagging and special equipment for Fueling, Cleaning. Train / Bus Washing plants. Train / Car Paint Booth with integrated Drying Chamber Cleaning Treatment Line for Aircraft Parts Overhead Cranes for Aircraft Maintenance Hangers and other equipment

Hot DIP galvanising plants

For contract Galvanising shops For steel fabrications shops of Transmission lines, Electric poles Cable trays etc

Thermal power plant projects up to 300 MW capacity

ASSE Tech Group along with capable international consortium in energy field have capability to host main EPCC for latest energy efficient thermal power plants of Coal, Natural Gas, Oil & Biomass fuels. In ASSE Group of Companies, Engineering design, co-ordination, installation and startup are handled directly by ourselves. Every order, no matter how small or large is treated individually. ASSE’s EPCC Supply:powder plants: Boiler / steam generation Steam turbine. Oil plant for lubrication. Cooling system Mechanical Balance of Plant Diesel Oil Plant Coal Fuel Plant Feed Water System + High Pressure Pumps Steam System Cooling Water System Central Chemicals Supply Condensing Plant Water Treatment System D.M Unit Waste Water Treatment System Coal, Limestone and Ash Handling Plant. Transmission Lines and High Voltage Substation Generator Power Block. Electrical Power System. Generator Transformer and Auxiliaries Transformer. High Voltage Power Distribution. Medium Voltage Power Distribution. Low Voltage Power Distribution. Station DC System Grounding and Lightening Protection System. Cathodic Protection System. Control & Instrumentation Centre. Insulated Phase Bus Duct System. ELV & Security System. Operation & Maintenance Programme. Training Programme. Plant Handover. Service package Contract for 1st Year of Operation.

Latex glove production plants: latest high production lines

We offer a complete service, or any part of it encompassing conceptual and design engineering and the manufacture, installation, commissioning and service for complete Gloves Production Plant. Specialised in turnkey projects with vast experience & successful track records. Ergonomic designs increase your workers productivity. Incorporating latest technology for reliability and energy savings. Qualified engineering specialists assure proper workmanship. Guaranteed performance and reliable back-up service.  

Metal bath tubs and sinks production plants

ASSE Tech Group’s complete Deep Drawn Metal Production plants e.g for Bath tubs, Sinks, Wash Trays, Wheel Borrows cooking Rang etc . Steel and Stainless steel product production lines can be incorporated. Metal Finishes of Vitreous Enamel in liquid or Powder coating equipment are implemented. Complete Turnkey plant set up with process &production know – how is given to the customers. 1100 Ton Hydraulic Press with Moulds Production Flow Finish Product Despatch Flow Viterious Enamel Plant

Aluminium extrusion plants with finishing systems

Complete Extrusion Production lines of medium and large capacity. Horizontal / Vertical powder coating plants. Anodizing Finishing equipment for Aluminium profiles. Automated Extrusion packaging systems. All plants equipment are of latest technology for reliability and energy savings. Ergonomic designs with proper engineering gives ASSE’s plants reliability, & Energy savings & efficient productivity. Profile Anodising & Colouring Plant Vertical Finishing Plant Horizontal Finishing Plant Extrusion Production Plant

Iso marine containers production lines

ASSE’s Modern, Automated complete shipping containers production plants equipment supply. All types and sizes (GP, HQ, OT Flat rack). Cost effective line set-up. ISO standards compliance. Technical and service back up for existing plants. Container Refurbishing plants. ASSE Tech Group and collaboration partners have successfully supplied such plant on Turnkey basis in Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and Thailand.

Modern LPG cylinder production lines

Complete LP Gas Cylinder production lines on Turnkey Project supply basis. Fully Automatic Production lines can be offered. For high production capacity plants. Metal finishing Znic Metal coating with options for powder or Liquid paint coating. Robotic welding and coating can be incorporated as per clients requirement. Special size min & large LP Gas Cylinder production can be incorporated in same plant. Cylinder Reconditioning & Requalitication plants can be also supplied by us. LP Gas Bulk storage gas filling plants of various capacities can be designed & supplied by ASSE Tech Group.    

Latest steel drum production plant

We design, manufacture, supply and install complete vertical steel Drum Production lines on Turnkey basis. Medium to high production capacity plants. Vertical production flow gives most efficient productivity. Multi Colour Coating in one spray station. ASSE Tech Group deals with Regional Oil and Gas firms and provide complete consulting activity to our international clients. Drum Production Flow Vertical Drum Production Plant