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Spray Paint Booth cum Drying Plants


ASSE Tech Group have been supplying special Materials, Components, Parts and Tools to our International cliental base as per their specific requirement. ASSE assures spare part supply for the equipment for atleast 10 years to all our valued customer owning ASSE’s systems / equipment.

Training Programs

Conduct “Methods Training” courses for production, First Line Supervisors and Technical Personnel. Conduct “Conveyor Fundamentals” course adapted to installation. Conduct “Preventive Maintenance” course for salaried and skilled personnel. Efficient Plant utilisation and Energy Conservation Techniques. Operational Safeties and Precaution Measures.

Finance Planning

Liasion with International Banks or countries Government project friendly institutions. Investors analysis. Joint venture planning and evaluations. Future expansions and new product range implementation. R & D set up.

Program & Scheduling

Assist in the Development of Critical path Scheduling, Highlighting Areas that require Long Lead Commitments. Develop Schedules for Equipments Installation. Monitor Schedules. Advise the client of any Slippage, recommend Corrective action and assist in the Implementation of the Corrective action. Prepare percent completion data for progress and billing.

Industrial Planning

Analyse Direct and Indirect manpower Utilisation. Evaluate Production Methods. Evaluate Non-Production Work Practices i.e. Set – up, Tool Maintenance, Equipment Maintenances etc. Analyse MachineUtilisation. Prepare Cycle studies, Recommend Productivity Improvements. Develop Operator Workstations. Stimulate Process Activities. Develop Work Standards. Analyse and Improve Workplace Layouts.

Process Development

Develop processing Technologies with the clients. Identify Capacity Restrictions. Analyse and Develop Process Flow. Develop Sequence of Operations. Prepare Material Flow analysis from Material Receiving to Product Shipping. Evaluate Proper use of Automation. Develop Operation Description Sheets / Manuals. Establish Relationship of Operations between Stations and between Departments. Develop Work – in Progress Inventory Control. Develop Detailed Plant Layout. Analyse Material Handling and Containerisation. Analyse and Develop Efficient Warehousing and Storage

Facilities Planning

Analyse relationship between Processing, Machineries, Equipment and facilities required to support Production. Develop Alternate Layouts. Study Support Services, i.e. Power, Steam, Compressed Air etc. Review Waste Removal and Disposal Requirements. Define Environmental Impact of Proposed Requirements Review Waste Removal and Disposal Requirements. Define Environmental Impact of Proposed Requirements. Analyse Building Alteration and Construction Layouts. Convert existing plant Layouts to computerised Layout. Field Check, Measure and verify all data and information.

Advanced Planning and Feasibility Studies

Recommended Short Range and Long Range Objectives. Evaluate Impact upon facilities, Machineries and Equipments. Assist in Site Selection. Develop Preliminary Cost Estimates to Support Feasibility Study. Prepare Preliminary Cost Estimates to Support Feasibility Study.